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| Added keyX initialization for keyslot 0x16(see above), and added code for clearing keyslot 0x11 immediately after the code finishes using keyslot 0x11. The keyslot used for arm9bin decryption was changed from 0x15 to 0x16. Added code for clearing keyslot 0x16 when control-block decryption fails. Added code for using arm9bin_hdr+0x50 with a nop instruction, at the very beginning of the main arm9-loader function. Added two new 0x10-blocks to the arm9bin-hdr.
| [[9.6.0-24|9.6.0-X]] - [[11.23.0-3536|11.23.0-X]]
| See above and [[9.6.0-24|here]].


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