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Regardless of version, the ExeFS:/.code for mset is the same for USA/EUR/JPN. The [[4.0.0-7]] version of mset([[4.1.0-8]] for TWN) has the same ExeFS:/.code for all regions(JPN, USA, EUR, CHN, KOR, TWN). The [[5.0.0-11]] mset ExeFS:/.code is the same for all regions as well, except for CHN. The [[7.0.0-13]] mset ExeFS:/.code is unique for the following regions: CHN, KOR, and TWN.
The ''only'' system-applications included with gamecard-sysupdates are: [[System Settings]], [[Download Play]], and SAFE_MODE [[System Settings#System Updater|System Updater]]. The only system-applications included with the New3DS gamecard-sysupdate partition are: "menu" stub and "friend" stub.
=== 0004001B - [[NCCH#CFA|System Data Archives]] ===

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